Be the Change 406

It’s the most deadly and addictive drug,
and it’s everywhere..
Warning: This video contains content that may not be suitable for small children

GALA 2022

VISION: A Safe and Healthy Beaverhead County

MISSION: To increase healthy opportunities and decrease substance misuse among youth through collaboration, education, and advocacy.

Strategic: Implementing strategies to achieve short-term, intermediate, and long-term objectives for population-level and policy change.
Prevention-Oriented: Making data-driven decisions to address local conditions and using evidence-based strategies to reduce substance use.
Accountable: Transparent in financial operations and good stewards of resources, as well as the implementation of strategies with fidelity to meet set objectives.
Safety-Focused: Provide substance-free activities for all youth in an environment that supports healthy lifestyle choices.
• Supportive: Modeling healthy behavior for youth.
Knowledgeable: Members seek knowledge about the science of the impact of substances and trauma on the developing brain.

The goal of the coalition is to create a culture of health for youth and families that supports a lifestyle free of substance use and misuse. Our diverse membership includes representatives from every aspect of the community, including a youth coalition, composed of middle and high school students.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

~Benjamin Franklin~

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