How do you know if your child is acting like a normal teenager or if you’re seeing cannabis use? Here are ten true-or-false statements covering the most likely tip-offs that your teen is using marijuana. “Vaping and Marijuana: What You Need to Know.” Partnership to End Addiction, May 2020, Conkiln, Mark. “Why Does Marijuana CauseContinue reading “TOP TEN TEEN TOKING TIP-OFFS!”

Marijuana Awareness Campaign

Educating About Youth Marijuana Use The following graphics were shared across our social media pages and in the Dillon Tribune newspaper to bring awareness about marijuana use amongst youth. These benches are also displayed around town to provide facts about marijuana use and how it affects the developing brain and impairs driving. Montana Marijuana FactsContinue reading “Marijuana Awareness Campaign”

Labor Day Alcohol-Free Zone at the Concert

Montana’s biggest weekend is here. And with that we are happy to announce the return of the alcohol-free zone. The Jaycees have graciously offered the southwest chute stands for the Be the Change 406 Youth Coalition to host their alcohol-free zone. This area will be monitored by adult volunteers to ensure that the zone staysContinue reading “Labor Day Alcohol-Free Zone at the Concert”

DUI Task Force To Sponsor Free Rides for Labor Day Weekend

In efforts to discourage drinking and driving for the upcoming weekend celebrations, the Beaverhead County DUI Task Force is offering free rides again for anyone who calls. Flyers and cards will be distributed across town. Information will also be shared on social media and the radio station. Hours of service will start Friday @ 8pmContinue reading “DUI Task Force To Sponsor Free Rides for Labor Day Weekend”

Family Mental Health Series ~ Part 3

On Wednesday, APRIL 28 at 9 a.m. and a repeat presentation at  7 p.m. in the Frontier Event Center (former Shopko), Deputy Sheriff Dave Gomez will present on “HIDDEN DANGERS: SOCIAL MEDIA & INTERNET” and the significant, negative impact on our youth from excessive screen time.  Because of the role you play in youth development, educating future teachers, guidanceContinue reading “Family Mental Health Series ~ Part 3”

Family Mental Health Series

FAMILY MENTAL HEALTH ~ SPEAKING SERIES ~ PART 2 OF 3Guests were able to join virtually or come to Parkview Elementary Cafeteria for an evening with Michelle Pinnow, Billings therapist, LCPC. Michelle specializes in work with youth, addiction and trauma. She spoke to parents/guardians on how to support their own mental wellness as well asContinue reading “Family Mental Health Series”

Family Mental Health Night

On Wednesday, March 17, Parkview Elementary hosted about 60 guests for a presentation by Dr. Skinner focused on how to talk to kids/students on a variety of sensitive topics. This was the 1st of a 3-part speaking series on children and mental health. About 30 guests joined via Zoom, and another 30 watched in-person atContinue reading “Family Mental Health Night”