Family Mental Health Series ~ Part 3

On Wednesday, APRIL 28 at 9 a.m. and a repeat presentation at  7 p.m. in the Frontier Event Center (former Shopko), Deputy Sheriff Dave Gomez will present on “HIDDEN DANGERS: SOCIAL MEDIA & INTERNET” and the significant, negative impact on our youth from excessive screen time.  Because of the role you play in youth development, educating future teachers, guidance counseling, administering schools and programs, His presentation includes critically important insights he gained from his extensive work with elementary to high school students.  It is a powerful presentation which leaves you with an increased and unsettling awareness of the dangers users are exposed to daily on the internet.  Dave is a powerful speaker with a message all adults need to hear about our kids and their online usage through cell phones, computers, tablets, etc.   He is a former School Resource Officer for 10 years in the Boise Idaho school districts.

This is an in-person, free presentation, sponsored by the Be the Change 406 Coalition, Beaverhead ACES Task Force, Project AWARE, Dillon Elementary School District, Beaverhead Mental Health Local Advisory Council, and the Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch.  If unable to attend in person, only the 7 p.m. presentation will be live streamed on YouTube and Facebook.  Access the live stream by entering “Southwestern MT News” in the search box.  You will then automatically connect you to the live stream.

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